Professional Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck


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Basic Effect: Two spectator’s each select a 1/2 of a card from two 1/2 of a deck. When they each reveal what 1/2 they selected, they each selected the matching 1/2 of the same card.

Have two specters help with the trick. The magician pulls out a deck of cards that have literally been cut/split in half. Magician has 1st spectator select a 1/2 of a card from one half of the deck and the 2nd spectator select a 1/2 a card from the other half of the deck. When the two halves are reveled, the 2 specters selected the 2 halves of the same card.

This is a very cool trick and works very well when doing metal magic.

Decks are produced professionally by House of Chuckles using standard poker size, Bicycle Back playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. Great care is taken in cutting and preparing this deck.

Seal on deck has been cut in order to make this into a trick deck.


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